PS5 Media Apps Sony 1

Update: Crunchyroll reached out to us to confirm that the anime-centric app will also be available at launch on the PS5. So add another one to the list!

Original Story: Sony has confirmed the initial selection of media apps that will be available alongside the PlayStation 5 at launch. They include: Apple TV (which, as previously reported, is also coming to the PlayStation 4), Disney+, Netflix, Spotify, Twitch, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, MyCanal, Hulu, and Peacock. There’s no mention of HBO Max or BBC iPlayer just yet, but the Japanese giant does stress that many more will follow.

As hinted previously, all media apps will exist within their own space of the user interface, separate from games. All you need to do is toggle to the separate section and you’ll be able to boot up your favourite shows and movies. You won’t need to download any media clients from the PS Store, while you’ll be able to use apps like Spotify while you play.

It’s unclear if you’ll be able to use the PS5’s new picture-in-picture mode to watch content while you’re playing, but we’ll try to get confirmation on that. Are you satisfied with this initial selection of apps? Which shows and movies will you be watching on your next-gen console come launch? Grab the popcorn in the comments section below.