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Did you know that in Japan the Circle button is used to confirm menu items and the X button is used to cancel? While some early PS1 titles used the same logic in the West, Sony eventually normalised the use of X to confirm and Circle to cancel, but there’s always been a disparity between the regions – until now.

Alongside a wave of PlayStation 5 previews, PR has confirmed to Japanese media that the X button will now be used to confirm universally around the globe. This means that local gamers are going to have tune out 25 years of tradition when the next-gen console launches in November:

While this won’t change anything for players in the West, not everyone is happy with the transition. John Ricciardi of Tokyo-based localisation firm 8-4 had the following to say:

It remains to be seen whether Sony will allow system-wide button remapping like on the PlayStation 4, but even if it does, this could still lead to user interface inaccuracies. We must admit, we’re surprised it’s taken five consoles (and two handhelds!) for the Japanese giant to streamline its controller logic worldwide, but we suppose it had to happen eventually.

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