Since the traditional act of trick or treating probably shouldn't be a thing this year, many of you will likely be sourcing your spooks and frights from the comfort of your own home. And alongside The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, another PlayStation 4 title releasing on 30th October 2020 might be the perfect experience once the sun goes down. Visage finally hits PS4 the day before Halloween, a first-person psychological horror title said to be one of the very best following a stint in early access on PC.

The trailer embedded above certainly sets a creepy mood as something wicked and cunning hides behind a door. The game is said to be roughly 15 hours long, but while VR support will be available on PC, PlayStation VR misses out. It has been inspired by Konami's PT so you just know this one is going to try its very best to get under your skin.

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