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PlayStation 5 is huge in size, but now that we've seen what makes the machine tick, it's easier to understand why. As shown off by Sony's Masayasu Ito in the teardown video, a massive part of PS5's design is to ensure it's kept cool and that it runs as quietly as possible.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Ito says he's eager for PS5 owners to discover how quiet the PS5 really is. "After an extensive and complex trial and error process, we were pleased with the end result and I can not wait for our fans to get their hands on the PS5 console and 'hear' it for themselves," he writes.

PS5's Cooling Fan

In the video itself, the cooling system is shown in some detail. First off is the huge cooling fan, which draws in air from both sides via the vents on the front of the console. If you compare it to the fan inside the PS4 Pro, it's clearly much bigger in the PS5. Similarly, the PS5's heatsink is a monster compared to anything Sony's made before. Ito says that, while it uses a heat pipe like PS3 and PS4, its size and shape means performance is comparable to a vapor chamber.

Then there's the liquid metal cooling system in place for the PS5's SoC (system on a chip). Apparently, because it runs at such a high clock rate, Sony had to adopt liquid metal rather than thermal paste to keep things running smoothly.

We're no experts when it comes to this sort of thing, but all this should mean the PS5 will stay cool, and will run very quietly. We can't wait to check out how it sounds compared to our jet engine PS4s!