You'll be able to place the PlayStation 5 both vertically and horizontally straight out of the box, and the solution is a really cool one no matter which way you go. If you decide to place the console vertically, there's a screw that can be used to secure it in place, fully attaching the system to the stand itself. This isn't a simple solution that sees the PS5 stand slide into place β€” Sony has gone the full mile to make you feel safe in the knowledge that it won't easily tip over. You can see what this process looks like in the video above.

Meanwhile, if you want to place the PS5 horizontally, there'll be a small compartment inside the stand itself for you to place the screw in. Now you won't have to worry about losing it should you decide to change your setup in the future. It's nicely tucked away in the stand, always there for when you need it most. After generations of consoles have used pieces of sliding plastic to secure your systems, this definitely seems like the most failsafe way to do it yet.

Will you be placing the PS5 horizontally or vertically? Decide in the comments below.

[source News: PS5 Teardown Video Gets Up Close and Personal with the Console]