Godfall PS5 PlayStation 5 1

You’ll need to be connected to the Internet to enjoy PlayStation 5 console exclusive Godfall when it launches on 12th November, and that’s despite the developer’s insistence that it’s not a “service game”. Confirmation comes courtesy of the release’s Twitter account, after fans spotted an “online play required” disclaimer on the next-gen hack-and-slash title’s official PlayStation product page.

“Godfall is not a service game, but does require an Internet connection to play,” a spokesperson said. It’s unclear why the requirement is in place, but needless to say, fans are not happy. Some pointed out that the title will be rendered unplayable should its servers ever get shut down, but we’d like to think that won’t happen for a fair few years yet – especially if the title is successful.

Has this put you off purchasing Godfall, or weren’t you interested in the first place? Make sure you have a connection in the comments section below.

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