PlayStation Phone App

Later today, the PlayStation application for smartphones on iOS and Android will receive a major overhaul that brings it up to speed with the feature set of the PlayStation 5. Introducing new features such as voice chat, native PlayStation Store integration, and a smoother all-round experience, this is all designed to enhance your time spent gaming across Sony's suite of home consoles.

The PlayStation Blog mentions that the first thing you'll see following the update is a sleek, new look. "The new home screen lets you quickly see what your friends are playing and access details about your recently played games, including your Trophy List." The originally separate PS Messages app has now been integrated into this application to create one cohesive experience, and you can even start a Party Chat and begin discussions with friends from your own phone. That's a pretty cool feature, right? As usual, you can also start downloading PlayStation 4 and PS5 games from your device.

And when the next-gen system launches next month, you'll be able to remotely launch games via your mobile device, manage the storage on your console, and sign in to your PS5 profile via the app. The Explore tab will also surface the latest news from PlayStation and developers, which sounds a lot like one of the new features making up the PS5 UI.

Do you like the sound of these changes? Anything you think is really cool? Update in the comments below.