The folks at Team 17 and Ghost Town Games have been topping up our portion of Overcooked 2 on a regular basis, but we won't say no to a little more. The co-op cooking game has been updated once again with some more free content, this time in celebration of the mid-Autumn festival.

So, what's included in this freebie content? The Moon Harvest Festival update adds five new kitchens for you to play through, and they introduce a new hazard in the form of lily pads that disappear after a short time. There are also some new recipes to master; you'll be making various flavours of mooncakes, a Chinese dessert eaten during the festival.

This update is now available to download as a new patch for the game on PlayStation 4. If you've yet to hop onto the co-op cooking bandwagon, you could always wait for Overcooked: All You Can Eat, a PS5 remaster of both games and all their post-release content — and yes, that includes this one.

Will you be baking some mooncakes in Overcooked 2's new update? Fry up your thoughts in the comments section below.