Alright, time to fess up: who bought My Name Is Mayo just to grab its super-easy Platinum Trophy? You know what, fair enough. A win's a win. Released in 2017, the infamous game has you clicking a jar of mayonnaise thousands of times, unlocking a full Trophy list along the way, and that's kind of it. And now, years later, it's getting a sequel.

My Name Is Mayo 2 has been announced with the above teaser trailer, and it's coming to PlayStation 4. Developer Green Lava Studios has promised it'll release "as soon as we can", so hopefully it's not too far off. If you're wondering what's different in the sequel, we wouldn't expect too much. The game's Steam page describes "the same real-life tapping mechanics" and "dozens" of achievements to unlock.

It does mention there are four different stories to play through, collectable cards, and more random facts to discover. Basically, if you want another easy plat, look forward to this when it eventually lands on PS4. Will you be picking up My Name Is Mayo 2 to bolster your Trophy cabinet? Click away in the comments section below.