Haven, the romantically inclined RPG from Furi developer The Game Bakers, has a PS5 release date. It'll launch on Sony's next-gen console before the year is out, on the 3rd December. Interestingly, its PS4 release date is still being decided — all we have to go on is early 2021.

To coincide with the launch date announcement, details on the game's approach to local co-op have dropped. You'll be able to play through Haven alone or with someone else, as the title features two playable protagonists. It's recommended that you give the game a shot with your significant other if possible, since the two leads are in a rather passionate relationship with one another.

Combat has also been expanded upon, as the two protagonists help each other out in fights. Naturally, if you're playing co-op, you'll have to time your actions for the best results.

Haven's still looking like an intriguing adventure, but will you be gliding across this alien world on PS5? Save your kisses for the comments section below.

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