If you like your games to keep you hooked with the promise of bigger and better loot, Godfall could well be the PlayStation 5 launch title for you. Developer Counterplay Games has shared some new details on the game's loot and upgrade systems, and you can see some of it in action with this new video from IGN.

As a self-titled "looter slasher", you'd expect Godfall to be chock-full of ways to customise your character and earn better weapons and armour sets β€” or Valorplates. This appears to absolutely be the case. Senior technical producer Richard Heyne talks about how the team strived to make each piece of loot look good, but also that your choices are meaningful as well. In the video, you'll see a big skill grid, and you won't be able to max it out in one playthrough. Fortunately, you can respec at any time, and skill points carry over from one Valorplate to another, meaning you don't have to start afresh when you equip new armour. It sounds like the idea is to make the loots and upgrades as streamlined as possible while satisfying stat nerds at the same time.

There's much more info in the video, as well as the text version found here. It all looks pretty in-depth, but what do you think? Are you looking forward to Godfall when PS5 launches next month? Gear up in the comments section below.

[source youtube.com, via ign.com]