Ghost of Tsushima Sequel

Sucker Punch, the developer behind the inFAMOUS series and Ghost of Tsushima, is hiring for new, unannounced projects. Shocking! But the real story here is that one job listing — narrative writer — seems to hint at what one of these projects might be. Surprise surprise, it sounds like Sucker Punch could be planning a sequel to Ghost of Tsushima.

One requirement reads: "Desire to write stories set in feudal Japan", while the ideal candidate would have "knowledge of feudal Japanese history". Potentially exciting stuff.

There's been a lot of debate over where Ghost of Tsushima could go next. The Mongol invasion that the game is based upon is a relatively small slice of history, but there's obviously so much more that could be done with Japan's rich past. The term "feudal Japan" is incredibly broad, but it's not hard to imagine a Ghost of Tsushima sequel where rival clans are clashing on the mainland. After all, Jin Sakai is basically an early ninja — an occupation that would flourish over the centuries that followed.

What would you like to see from a sequel to Ghost of Tsushima? Emerge from the shadows in the comments section below.

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