It only released at the end of last month on PS4, but Genshin Impact has already had a huge, er, impact. The free-to-play adventure smashed our own expectations, and developer Mihoyo has reportedly made a whole lotta money.

But if you've been wondering what's next for Genshin Impact, wonder no more. The game's first big update — version 1.1 — has been detailed, and it should give players a great excuse to keep playing.

For starters, four new characters are being added to the title's already diverse roster (although you'll obviously have to spin for them). On top of that, players can look forward to "three full acts" of brand new quests, and a city-based 'reputation system' is being introduced. By completing activities in and around the game's settlements, you'll unlock exclusive rewards, customisation options, and new items.

It sounds like a very meaty update, but that's not all. Patch 1.1 will also ensure that Genshin Impact runs better on PS5, flaunting "improved graphics and faster load times". Lovely.

Update 1.1 will be available from the 11th November, and we'll post a reminder once it's out. Will you be diving back into Genshin Impact for this one? Collect your rewards in the comments section below.

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