Noir01 700

Following on from its release last month, Mafia: Definitive Edition receives its first update on PlayStation 4 today. The patch adds a new Noir Mode that overhauls gameplay and cutscenes with a visual style ripped straight out of 1930s cinema, more content for Free Ride, custom HUD options, and bug fixes.

The biggest addition with this update is, of course, the all-new Noir Mode. This can be toggled on and off at any point during your playthrough and takes you back to a time when Tommy Angelo really would be sitting down at a cinema to view a black and white movie. Meanwhile, Free Ride also sports some new content. "Depending on which vehicle you're driving and where you're driving it, you might find one of a couple new gameplay features that we've added to the mode. We'll leave the specifics for you to discover and hope you fare well in Lost Heaven."

You can now customise the HUD too, removing objective markers, the mini-map, and navigational features. Hangar 13 says this is all done to let you take better in-game screenshots. Finally, bug fixes include:

  • Addressed a reported issue that sometimes prevented the correct vehicles from unlocking in the player garage upon completion of the optional Lucas Bertone missions. Players who have completed these missions should find the correct vehicles in their garage the next time they start the game.
  • Addressed a reported concern that a special assassination animation sometimes wasn't triggering correctly during the mission "The Saint and The Sinner."
  • Addressed a reported concern that certain cinematics would occasionally show a black screen.