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In Fall Guys, even those who never win an episode can get some crowns eventually. As you level up in the game's Fame path, you unlock a variety of goodies, and that includes a few crowns for you to spend on some top tier items. In season 1, the Fame progression would only grant you three royal headpieces. Unless you've been winning a whole bunch of matches, there's no way you could afford some of the shop's more premium items. Things are set to change with season 2, though.

As revealed over on the game's official Twitter, the progression rewards will include many more crowns in the next season following player feedback.

So, if you're frustrated when you miss out on those expensive outfits, it seems season 2 is set to be a lot more generous. This unfortunately won't get you any closer to the frankly ridiculous 'Infallible' Trophy, but at least you'll be able to deck your Fall Guy out in some cool costumes.

Have you been having trouble getting wins in Fall Guys? Are you pleased that crowns will be a little more attainable in season 2? Equip your legendary outfits in the comments section below.

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