Elden Ring

Good news, everyone: Elden Ring is still alive. The FromSoftware title, which has pretty much remained silent since its reveal at E3 2019, has been subject to many a rumour over the last few months. There's been talk of development hell and even cancellations, but there's never been any concrete evidence to back up these claims.

Fortunately, FromSoftware has once again acknowledged the game's existence. And, well, that's about all you're getting for now. The developer took to Twitter in order to remind everyone that Elden Ring is still a thing.

"We hope you look forward to it," eh? What a tease. But hey, at least we have some official confirmation that it's still in the works.

Hopefully we actually see something of the game in 2021, but until then, let us know if you're still looking forward to Elden Ring in the comments section below.

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