Dreams PS4 PlayStation 4 Move Controllers Adaptor

Here's an interesting issue. In case you didn't know, Dreams supports PlayStation Move controllers in addition to the DualShock 4. The wands work in tandem with the PS Camera to give a sense of depth, and in this game's case, allow for easier manipulation of 3D objects when creating something. This camera is also key to how PlayStation VR works. Sony has stated that the current camera won't work with PS5, and urges all PSVR owners to apply for a free adaptor. Part of this process involves inputting a serial number from your PSVR unit. That's all good and well, but a small percentage of people aren't answered for. What if you play and make things in Dreams using the Move controllers, but don't own PSVR? How would you continue creating on PS5?

Fortunately, Media Molecule has answered this very specific question. In a tweet, the developer says that people in this situation should contact their local PlayStation Support team, who will put in a request for a PS5 camera adaptor.

So, yes, it seems that you can acquire a camera adaptor for PS5 even if you don't own PSVR. This means Dreams players will be able to continue using Move controllers with the game on PS5 via backwards compatibility. The number of people this affects will be relatively tiny, but it's good that there appears to be a solution in place.

Do you create in Dreams using PS Moves? Have you been wondering about this scenario? Create and share in the comments section below.

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