Star Wars Squadrons PS4

Star Wars: Squadrons hasn't exactly launched with a whole lot of multiplayer content, and that situation isn't going to get any better in the future. While it did release at a reduced $40 price point, EA Motive has basically ruled out any significant post-launch support of any kind. There probably will be patches for bugs and glitches here and there, but as far as new modes, ships, and maps go, don't expect it.

In an interview with Upload VR, creative director Ian Frazier said that the game isn't being treated as a live service. "We don’t want to say, ‘It’s almost done!’ and then dribble out more of it over time, which to be honest is how most games work these days. So we’ve tried to treat it in kind of an old-school approach saying, ‘You’ve paid the $40, this is the game and it’s entirely self-contained.’ We’re not planning to add more content, this is the game, and we hope you understand the value proposition."

So, there you have it. That's a pretty definitive answer. Star Wars: Squadrons shipped with two game modes and six maps and it looks like it will stay that way. Unless something changes dramatically, of course. Do you like this approach to game development or would you prefer to know more content is coming, even if you have to pay for it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.