We know that the PlayStation 5 is going to take less time to load than the PlayStation 4, but we’re slowly beginning to get a grasp on how much faster Sony’s next-gen system will be. ResetEra spotted this video from a Japanese hands-on with Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition, and it shows the game booting into a mission from relatively early in the game. It takes a total of four seconds:

We can then compare this to a playthrough of the same game on the PS4, where it takes roughly 22 seconds to load the same stage:

So fast is the new console, that Capcom’s actually added a button prompt at the end of the loading screen, so that you have time to take a break or read the tooltips if you want to. With loading times this fast, it’s possible that some developers may opt to make animation transitions rather than traditional loading screens, because there’s almost no point kicking you out to a loading screen when the game boots this fast.

[source youtube.com, via resetera.com]