Demon's Souls PS5 PlayStation 5

Demon's Souls on PlayStation 5 is sounding like an incredible launch title. Not only does it make a classic game more accessible to a brand new audience, it's bringing new content to ensure fans of the PS3 original have something to explore as well. Chief among this new content is Fractured World, a game mode that allows you to play the entire game in a mirrored state.

Speaking with Game Informer in a video interview, creative director Gavin Moore goes into more detail. "[Fractured World] is actually the most challenging experience I've ever had with Demon's Souls," he says, explaining that flipping the map horizontally means you'll have to relearn where everything is, and enemies will come at you from different spots. Moore says it's "almost [like] playing it for the first time again".

This isn't the first time Bluepoint Games has included a mirror mode in one of its remakes. Shadow of the Colossus also sports a similar feature, turning the map on its head to give veterans a fresh experience. It sounds like a great way to give Demon's Souls' biggest fans something to sink their teeth into.

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