As part of the latest Night City Wire livestream, CD Projekt Red took a deep dive into the vehicles you'll be able to drive and steal in Cyberpunk 2077. They range from the basic economy class and executive line-up through to heavy-duty trucks and the fast sport motors. All of them are detailed in the trailer above alongside lengthy gameplay sequences.

But then there are the hypercars. These vehicles look like they were stolen from a Bugatti factory with stylised bodywork and enough horsepower to get you to the shops and back in mere minutes. There seems to be a decent amount of variety to each class too, ensuring every set of wheels controls differently to give you a challenge behind the steering wheel of a new ride. You're definitely going to want to set your sights on a hypercar because those economy vehicles look battered and bruised. Still, they could represent good value if you're on a very tight budget.

Which car class is your favourite? Avoid a parking ticket in the comments below.