Bugsnax recently got a round of preview coverage online, with numerous outlets able to play a PC build of the upcoming game. Developed by Octodad: Dadliest Catch studio Young Horses, the cross-gen title has delighted fans with its obscure premise and daft characters. But what does the moment to moment gameplay actually look like? Thanks to GameSpot, we now have a 30-minute look at exactly that.

In the video, which is (almost) entirely free of voiceover, the story is set up and the first few tasks are doled out to the player. Playing as a journalist, you head to Snaktooth Island to investigate the titular Bugsnax — mysterious creatures that, when eaten, turn your body into food items. The person you're supposed to meet has gone missing, and instead, you're guided through the basics of capturing Bugsnax by the self-appointed mayor, Filbo.

Gameplay is from a first person perspective, and you'll use various contraptions and equipment to lure and capture different Bugsnak species. It seems to be a bit of a puzzle, as you need to figure out how to catch each critter by using your tools and the environment. Everything's documented in a journal, which will fill up as you progress, and you'll also interview the residents of Snaktooth Island as the story deepens. Then there's Snaxburg, a settlement that starts as a ghost town, but will slowly repopulate as you help everyone out.

It honestly looks very intriguing, and looks to scratch an almost Pokémon-esque itch. We can't wait to play this one for ourselves when it arrives on PlayStation 5 and PS4 next month. What do you think of this Bugsnax gameplay? Throw some ketchup in the comments section below.

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