Alien: Isolation was one of the best PlayStation 4 games of 2014 and, to this day, still deserves a sequel. That's unlikely to ever happen at this point, but fans can still revel in the special experience we got six years ago. And thanks to Noclip, run by Danny O'Dwyer, the team at Creative Assembly has revealed what development of the title was like. You can check it all out in the 20-minute documentary above.

The video touches on how the title was presented to SEGA, what sort of impact the dreadful Aliens: Colonial Marines had on marketing, and a glimpse at third-person gameplay. That last one is certainly a first, given the game shipped with a first-person camera. It's a really interesting watch that fans of the game and wider series will surely get a kick out of β€” ourselves included. What did you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.