Panzer Dragoon Remake PS4

Following its release on Nintendo Switch earlier this year, publisher Forever Entertainment has announced that Panzer Dragoon: Remake will be coming to PlayStation 4 in the near future. Confirmed in a tweet, it was simply said that the game "will be soon available on additional gaming platforms" and the PS4 is one of them. Could it be out by the end of the year? Possibly, but we can't forget that the coronavirus pandemic is still very, very much a thing.

Our friends over at Nintendo Life reviewed this one upon its original launch and weren't overly impressed by its offerings. "Panzer Dragoon: Remake is a decent take on an all-time classic that goes some way to modernising it, but doesn't quite nail the landing. Awkward controls and a visual style that's a clear improvement but could still look much better result in a game that’s mainly for fans of the original who are curious to see how it would look with a new lick of paint." It's also just two hours long.

Were you a fan of the Sega Saturn classic and are looking forward to playing this PS4 remake? Fly into the comments below.