PS5 News PAX Online

Update: Sony has announced that it'll be hosting a PlayStation 5 'showcase' this Wednesday. It's now fair to assume that the untitled PAX event will tie into whatever this showcase is (Sony says it'll be presenting PS5 games, but we wouldn't be at all surprised to get a price and release date as well). The announcement also explains why the event has remained without a name up until this point.

Original Story: Sony has a currently unnamed event planned for the 18th September during PAX Online. It's one of the only upcoming PAX events that doesn't have a title — it's simply called 'Sony Holder' at the time of writing. And so the speculation begins.

It could well be that Sony has something big planned for whatever this PAX showing is — or perhaps it plans on using this event to expand upon upcoming PS5 announcements. Again, the fact that this slot doesn't have a name suggests that it's all very secretive.

Of course, following the Xbox Series X and Series S price and release date reveals earlier this week, many are demanding that Sony breaks its silence. The bottom line is that the Japanese giant has no choice but to give us more information on the PS5 soon — the next-gen console is supposed to launch before the year is out, remember.

Could this PAX showing be the event that we've been waiting for? Or perhaps it at least has something to do with upcoming PS5 news? As always, we'll have to wait and see.