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Update: After scarring its audience for life, the Fall Guys Twitter has stated the development team can't decide the true anatomy of a Fall Guy. Apparently, it's either the nightmare fuel at the bottom of this article, or the following, much more reasonable example:

Decide which one is canon in the comments below.

Original Story: Fall Guys are the titular jellybean characters in the viral indie hit. They're the perfect competitors, with their clumsiness, eagerness to win, and sports mascot-like bodies. These bouncy beans are cute, colourful, and make funny noises — they're great. How can you not love them?

Well, maybe if you knew their true anatomy, you might not be so keen.

The notorious Twitter feed claimed that a concept artist from the game's developer, Mediatonic, had drawn an "official" realisation of the inside of a Fall Guy. After a twitter poll inevitably voted to see the drawing, it was shared as promised.

We have seen it.

We can never go back.

We've embedded it below.

This is your last warning.

Either keep the pure image of Fall Guys intact and click away, or descend into the depths of hell by scrolling down.



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