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PlayStation 4 has saved us from boredom countless times, but we’d never counted on the system saving a high school student’s life. In Japan, a young girl was abducted for a month after meeting with her 44-year-old pen pal – but he didn’t count on his crafty quarry using his console to call emergency services.

NHK News reports that the child travelled from Saitama to Tokyo to meet with the man who she’d met on social media websites. However, once they arrived at the kidnapper’s home in Yokohama, he confiscated her phone and confined her by tying her to a pipe. Her parent’s immediately reported their daughter as missing, but she was unable to be traced.

It wasn’t until a month later that police received an email from the girl revealing her location. She used the communication functions of her abductor’s PS4 to exchange e-mails with authorities while he was not at home. The police were then able to investigate the case further and locate the apartment that held her in captivity.

Fortunately, according to the Saitama police, she was not injured when they infiltrated the abductor’s home in order to rescue her. Perhaps PlayStation should consider resurrecting an old slogan, because it’s clear in this instance that the PS4 really does do everything.

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