A Brazilian blog appears to have obtained the instruction manual for the PlayStation 5’s previously announced Media Remote, and the four previously unmarked buttons look to be for the following services: Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, and Disney+. Located on the bottom half of the controller, older promo shots had no icons on these buttons, but the manual clearly displays that they pertain to the aforementioned apps.

PS5 Media Remote PlayStation 5 2

While it’s hardly surprising, it confirms that all four of the abovementioned services will be available on the PS5 – presumably from launch. As previously reported, there’s also a microphone on the Media Remote so you can use voice recognition if moving your thumbs proves too challenging. It’s possible the buttons may vary on a regional basis, so this should only be considered accurate for Brazil right now, but we should get more intel on that closer to release.

Interestingly, the Media Remote is scheduled to deploy on 17th November in Brazil, which suggests the PS5 will release roughly around the same time. That’s less than two months away, so hopefully the platform holder doesn’t leave us waiting for too much longer.

[source tecnoblog.net]