Astro PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Once again we’re relying on second-hand information to better understand the PlayStation 5, because it’s not like Sony to come out and tell us what it’s got planned for the platform, is it? So according to The Verge, the Japanese giant’s next-gen console will not have an optical audio port; it’s hardly surprising given the PS4 Slim also dropped the standard.

The website was reporting on how older Astro headsets will work on the PS5, and confirmed the tidbit. In order to accommodate players who have an older pair of headphones, the company will be releasing an “HDMI-to-optical audio splitter that will allow your headset to interface with the PS5 with no additional firmware needed”.

This will cost $40, but if you enter the serial code for your existing Astro headphones into the company’s website, you’ll be able to get a $15 discount. While there will be some people disappointed by this news, optical audio is an outdated standard now – it was used as far back as the PlayStation 2 some 20 years ago – so it’s not massively surprising that Sony’s decided to move on.

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