PS4 FIFA 21 Bundle

Yes, we finally have a release date for a new PlayStation console hitting the market this year! The PlayStation 4 system bundle that includes FIFA 21 in Europe, that is. What did you think we were talking about!? From 9th October 2020, football fans (that's the real type of football) will be able to pick up a brand new PS4 console along with a copy of the latest and greatest from EA Sports. A couple of different bundles allow you to increase the hard drive space or pick up an extra DualShock 4 controller.

The most standard package of the lot is a 500GB PS4 with a physical copy of FIFA 21, which also comes with a FUT 21 voucher and a 14-day free trial to PlayStation Plus. The next step up bags you a second controller, and then it's onto the PS4 Pro. The upgraded, 1TB system can be purchased along with the game, or again with another DualShock 4 pad.

If you don't need a PS4 console, there will also be a bundle that includes FIFA 21 and a controller. No prices are attached to any of these, but we'd expect them all to fall in line with what the consoles usually retail at in stores. So it's not just the PlayStation 5 waiting for an official price then, huh?