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The looming change in console generation sure isn’t slowing down the great music, huh? August is yet another month absolutely jam-packed with phenomenal music. The quality music shows no signs of slowing down, and of course, we have some games on the horizon sure to offer great tunes as well. You can probably guess what we mean. Talkin’ bout Bugsnax.

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series

Vader Immortal was a surprise in a lot of ways, most of them positive. But perhaps one of the biggest surprises lies with the soundtrack. One of Star Wars’ biggest struggles has always been to craft meaningful soundtracks that are able to exist independently from the work John Williams has already contributed. Any time you hear an interesting melody, odds are it’s some sort of reprise on a melody by Williams. But not so here. Wilbert Roget II and Cris Velasco are able to craft an impressively “Star Wars-y” soundtrack of their own creation. This is the best a non-John Williams Star Wars score has sounded since maybe Joel McNeely’s work on the soundtrack for the Shadows of the Empire book. And that is, frankly, staggering.


Thunder Lotus, the team behind Sundered, has a new game out, and it’s quite the special one. In line with all the team’s previous efforts, the art and animation are absolutely incredible, and the soundtrack for this bizarre, sombre management sim about ferrying those that have passed on to the afterlife is heart-achingly beautiful. The score composed by Max LL is an absolute treasure and is easily one of the most incredible soundtracks of the year.

Fall Guys

For the past month, it’s been basically impossible to escape from hearing about Fall Guys. And for good reason. The game’s delightfully cartoonish visuals, cutthroat gameplay, and wicked fun have been a rousing success on all fronts. And one thing you’ve probably noticed even if you didn’t want to, was the music. While there’s not a terribly large selection of tracks to pick from, what is on offer has been memorable, and the music from Jukio Kallio and Daniel Hagström is the perfect accompaniment.

Well, that's August done and dusted then. These months sure are blurring together amidst the worldwide shutdown huh? We'll see you again in a month to talk about music once more!