Think of this: WB Games Montreal has been throwing around teasers for its upcoming Batman game for almost a year. While that sinks in, let's take a look at the developer's latest attempt to get everyone hyped. There are a couple of things worth noting. The first takes the form of a cryptic tweet, along with a video that flashes some symbols for a split second:

Secondly is a new teaser website. Once it loads up, a message reads "We have been expecting you", followed by what seems to be a date: 8/18. That's tomorrow, in other words -- should we expect some sort of update within the next 24 hours?

Either way, we should know much more about this new Batman title by the end of the week. WB Montreal will be presenting during the DC FanDome event on the weekend, and that will almost certainly be the full unveiling of the game.

Are you keen to finally see this Batman game? What do you make of these latest teasers? Use detective mode in the comments section below.

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