We aren't short of games that take place during World War II, but War Mongrels looks like it could be offering something relatively unique. Also referred to as simply WM, the game has yet to be fully announced, but is being teased with the short trailer above.

This new title comes from Destructive Creations, and is in development for both PlayStation 5 and PS4. According to the press release, War Mongrels will take place on the Eastern Front, "a side of the conflict not often addressed". It's inspired by real events during the conflict, so we'd expect this to go to some very dark places.

It's not clear exactly what this will be like. The developer has made a broad range of games so far, so this could be pretty much anything. If the teaser is anything to go by, it could be a 2D, narrative-focused experience, but we should find out more soon.

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