At first glance, Unrailed looks like lots of other indie titles with its simplistic, blocky visuals. However, this game seems like a neat new spin on co-op play that has us intrigued. Up to four players, online or local, must work together to get their train from A to B, gathering resources to build more track and carefully planning ahead to avoid various hazards.

It's a cool idea, and sounds like it could become surprisingly tricky. In addition to managing resources for tracks, you'll also need to maintain the locomotive by ensuring it doesn't overheat. Wild animals and other obstacles will also complicate matters as you aim to reach the next station. As you progress, you upgrade your train with more carriages, better engines, and more.

In addition to co-op, you can play alone with AI companions, and a sandbox mode gives you more freedom to play with unlocked engines right away. The game has potential -- we're interested to check it out when it pulls into the (Play)Station 4 on 23rd September. What do you think of Unrailed? Mind the gap in the comments section below.