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Perhaps the most surprising aspect of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League so far is how colourful the world of Metropolis is. After a dark and gritty reboot movie a couple of years back, fans were probably expecting Rocksteady to follow a similar path with an experience devoid of jokes and colours you'd typically see make up the rainbow. The developer has taken a different route, however, and gone against the grain of its popular Batman: Arkham series. And this has gotten DC fans and the wider gaming community thinking about Sunset Overdrive all over again.

Of course, we only have the announcement trailer to go off of, but the Suicide Squad project for PlayStation 5 does seem to strike a similar resemblance to the current Xbox One exclusive. Both open-world titles feature an extremely colourful city to explore, filled with parkour moments to help you get about them with ease. And then there's the fact that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is all about gunplay -- much like Sunset Overdrive. We're not sure if you'll be grinding about the place as Harley Quinn or triple jumping as Deadshot, but there are certainly quite a lot of similarities between the two games that fans have picked up on.

As far as Insomniac Games' 2014 title being ported to PlayStation 4, the situation continues to remain unclear. Sony does now own the rights to the Sunset Overdrive IP after purchasing the developer last year, but it hasn't made any indication that a re-release could be on the cards. We wouldn't put too much stock on this actually happening, but at least we have Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League to look forward to on PS5.

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