Capcom has announced four of the five new characters coming to Street Fighter V for its aptly named Season V, and there are some definite crowd-pleasers in here. First up, Dan's finally back. Next, Rose makes a return. And then we've got Oro -- the weird and wonderful master mostly remembered for his appearance in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

The big surprise here, though, is Akira Kazama from Rival Schools. Capcom's long dormant fighting game franchise was a fan favourite on the original PlayStation, and to see the company acknowledge its existence in Street Fighter V is a big deal.

Here are all of the character arts that were revealed as part of Capcom's livestream:

Street Fighter V Dan
Street Fighter V Rose
Street Fighter V Oro
Street Fighter V Akira

The only catch is that it sounds like Capcom's only just started working on these new characters. Dan arrives in Winter 2020. Rose in Spring 2021. Oro and Akira are set to launch Summer 2021. And the final fifth character is aiming for Fall 2021. So we've got a whole year to wait before all of these fighters are made available.

Street Fighter V Season V

Still, big news for Street Fighter V fans. Are you looking forward to these new characters? Dream about a new Rival Schools in the comments section below.