And just like that, Sony has confirmed that its next State of Play broadcast will take place later this week, from 1PM PT / 9PM BST on 6th August. Bafflingly, though, this show won't be focused on the PlayStation 5. Instead, it'll highlight upcoming third party PS4 and PSVR titles, including Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. Yeah, we can't quite believe it either.

That said, the event does promise "updates" on previously announced third party and indie PS5 games. Just don't expect the PS5 or its software to take centre stage. The show will be over 40 minutes in length, and there'll be no PlayStation Studios titles.

With the PS5 due out in just a handful of months, we fully expected this next State of Play to give us more next-gen information. But for whatever reason, that's just not happening... Yet.

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