PlayStation 5 is getting some incredible-looking blockbusters, but its indie offering is looking just as strong. Freshly announced title Sonzai looks to have a ton of promise, although we won't be playing it for a while yet.

This hand-drawn action RPG is an interesting mix of genres that seems to work well. As you can tell from the above trailer, it takes inspiration from the life sim aspects of the Persona series, where you'll spend your days building up relationships with other characters. However, when you're not dealing with high school life, you'll be engaging in stylish melee combat against the monsters residing in the town of Kumotoshi. We love the visual style, and this genre mash-up could be a winning combo.

Sonzai is heading to both PS5 and PS4 in 2022, so unfortunately there's quite a long wait. Still, it's being made by a two-person team, and every frame is hand painted, so that'll be why. One to watch out for, then. What do you think of this one? Form friendships in the comments section below.