Rocket Arena PS4

Update: Well, we hope you didn't pick up Rocket Arena for its new bargain bin price point, because it's already been added to the EA Access Vault. This means subscribers can download and play the full multiplayer game at no additional cost. Titles usually take several months to hit the service, but we're guessing the publisher is trying to give this shooter an injection of players. We just feel sorry for anyone who purchased it at launch!

Remember, you can find a full list of all free EA Access games on PS4 through the link.

Original Story: We did say in our review that Rocket Arena would fare much better as a free-to-play title and boy is it determined to reach that price point as quickly as possible. There are bombas and then there's this one. Just 15 days after its release on PlayStation 4, you can save a whopping 83% and grab the base version of Rocket Arena for £4.24/$5.09.

This deal will stick around until 20th August 2020 so you've got plenty of time to take advantage, but then there's also the Mythic Edition which has seen a significant price reduction. This one comes in at £8.74/$9.99 and packs in loads of digital goodies such as outfits, trails, and premium currency. You can grab the basic version through the PlayStation Store here and the Mythic Edition via this link. We don't think we've ever seen such a huge price drop this soon after launch so you might as well jump on board and see what's what with Rocket Arena. If you want to learn more before you commit to handing over any cash, check out the Push Square review.

Will you make use of this hefty discount and pick up Rocket Arena on PS4? Dodge rockets in the comments below.