Atomic Heart is a game that's been on our radar for years at this point, but it appears to be no closer to release. To recap, the game is in development at Russian studio Mundfish, and it depicts an alternate reality future that looks heavily inspired by BioShock. With a surreal and brilliant reveal trailer, we've been eagerly anticipating this oddball adventure.

Now, the team has returned with a lengthy new look at gameplay. The most notable news is that the game is now cross-gen; it's coming to both PlayStation 5 and PS4. There's still no release date attached to the project, but we imagine it'll be 2021 at the earliest at this point.

As for the gameplay itself, it still looks like there's a focus on melee combat versus weird creatures and machines. You also appear to have some technical enhancements of your own, able to trigger electronics and see enemies through walls. It's all so wonderfully weird, and kinda creepy.

What do you think? Will you be giving Atomic Heart a look on PS5? Let us know in the comments section below.

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