Depth Charge is the one aquatic Transformer that immediately springs to mind, but World of Warships developer Wargaming has gone with more iconic names for its Hasbro crossover content. Starting this September, you’ll be able to customise your naval fleet with Optimus Prime and Megatron-themed skins. There’ll also be Bumblebee and, curiously, Rumble options for those seeking a different flavour to their Autobot and Decepticon liveries.

“Generations were raised with the Transformers franchise. Starting from the 1980s animated series all the way to the latest movies, we instantly fell in love with the robot characters that captivated our imagination,” said executive producer Philip Molodkovets. “Having the chance to feature them in World of Warships is a dream come true for many of us.”

The crossover won’t end there, however, as the press release explains: “The coming Transformers collaboration with World of Warships will also bring a host of other new content, including special Transformers containers, dedicated game tasks and combat missions, expendable camouflages, commemorative flags and patches, and more.” There really is more than meets the eye here, then!