A strength of Fall Guys is that it can be just as entertaining to watch as to play. This is evident with the game's consistently high viewership on Twitch, but we're also seeing this with countless gameplay clips being shared around the web. Gaming subreddits are awash with hilarious or impressive videos from the battle royale platformer, and the example below is definitely one of our favourites.

Perfect Match is unlike the other rounds in Fall Guys due to its emphasis on memory rather than skill, but it also famously doesn't tend to eliminate many people from the competition. It's very common to complete the round and see just two or three people topple from the roster -- sometimes, no one gets knocked out at all. With that said, check this out:

Somehow, the entire group of players in this round of Perfect Match misjudged where the grape tiles were on the grid. Incredibly, one lucky contestant managed to jump off the mass of falling guys and land on terra firma. Because everyone else in the round fell to the slime below, this jammy bean won the whole thing, earning themselves a crown for this unlikeliest of victories.

We can't imagine this will happen again anytime soon, but we're very grateful this clip exists to know it's possible. Well played, DaRealPIPEgamer.

[source reddit.com]