These deep fakes are getting better – and, honestly, a lot creepier. We suppose it was inevitable that someone, somewhere would eventually put the cast of the 2002 Spider-Man movie in Marvel’s Spider-Man, and that someone is YouTube user BabyZone. Tobey Maguire features as the titular web-slinger, while Kirsten Dunst looks perfectly natural as MJ Watson. Willem Defoe also fits in well as Norman Osborn, although Beyond: Two Souls prepared us for the uncanny valley there.

Hilariously, this is not the first deep fake based on Marvel’s Spider-Man, as Tom Holland’s likeness has also been attempted in less convincing form:

You probably need to be of a certain age to appreciate Tobey Maguire as the wall-crawler, but that period of PlayStation 3 fonts, upside-down snogs, free PSP UMDs, and Activision licensed games is etched into this author’s memory forever.

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