Idle animations are always fun, but here’s a rare Ghost of Tsushima flourish that fans are just beginning to discover. Those of you who’ve played the open world game will know that protagonist Jin Sakai is very much at one with nature, whether it’s following foxes to shrines or the wind to key points of interest in the sandbox. But did you know that if you wait around long enough, a bird will land in the palm of his hand?

Writing on Twitter in response to some cute photos by Cats and Bolts, Sucker Punch’s Billy Harper described this as a “rare animation” that only plays if you wait around for 60 to 90 seconds. Of course, those Tsushima sunsets make staring idly at the scenery an easy task, so you may want to give this a go for yourself. Remember, you can find out much more about the game in our Ghost of Tsushima guide.

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