PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive three free NBA 2K21 Promo Packs every month for the next 10 months, as Sony continues to add value to its service with game-specific promotions. GTA Online players will know that the platform holder already issues GTA$1 million every month, and this seems like a similar deal from sister publisher 2K Sports.

“So, what’s in these Promo Packs?” pondered Executive Producer Erick Boenisch on the PlayStation Blog. “Every pack will grant you an NBA player to add to your team. Beyond that, there will be rare pulls in these packs that will be some of the best cards in the game at launch! One that I have been playing with and loving recently is Diamond DeMarcus Cousins.”

There are tons of tweaks being made to NBA 2K21’s MyTeam mode this year, including the introduction of a Battle Pass-esque format named Seasons. “Let’s clarify one thing at the top: Seasons are free for everyone, there is no paid component to it,” Boenisch continued. The first Grand Prize will be a Pink Diamond Steph Curry, but God only knows how many hours it’ll take to get there.

There’s also a new weekend playlist being added to the mode, which sounds similar to FIFA’s Weekend League. As such, you’ll only be able to play it on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but the rules will change every week, encouraging you to use different cards in your collection. “One weekend we may limit you to players 23 years old and younger. Another weekend, we may say that all players in your lineup need to be Ruby or lower.”

There’s a ton more on the PlayStation Blog, which digs into all the minutiae you can expect from the mode. To be honest, there’s so much information crammed into the post that we got a bit of a headache reading it, but long-time franchise fans should find plenty of information there. There’s also a brand new trailer embedded above.