DualSense PS5 PlayStation 5

Developers looking for an easy way to implement haptic feedback into their PlayStation 5 games will be able to utilise a new technology that uses the sound effects from games to generate DualSense rumble. As part of a technology-themed booklet, the platform holder explained that it aims to “reduce the burden” for some teams by providing simple solutions that utilise its hardware.

“We have created a haptic vibration waveform design environment that anyone can use easily,” the manufacturer said. “In this way, we have not only developed a tool that allows game creators to design an impactful, natural, and comfortable vibration waveform in fewer steps, but also created a method of almost automatically generating vibration patterns from a game’s sound effects.”

In theory, this means that loud sounds such as explosions would provide heavy feedback, while softer sounds like rippling water would be much gentler. Obviously, developers who design custom waveforms will have much more success with the technology, but this sounds like a nice easy way for smaller teams to get started.

[source sony.net, via resetera.com]