Prince of Persia PS4 1

Look, normally we’d treat product listings published by Guatemalan retailers with a shrug of the shoulders, but when reliable journalists like Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier comment on them – well, you kinda have to pay attention, don’t you? Here’s the story: MAX posted a page for a PlayStation 4 game named Prince of Persia Remake. Interestingly, it appears to include the logo from the PS3 era reboot, but that could be placeholder.

In fact, we assumed the whole thing was F*ckingNothing.gif, until the aforementioned scribe dropped the following comment on Twitter: “Video game retailers sure love leaking Ubisoft's surprise announcements.” When another user responded that they don’t believe the game is real, he added: “This tweet won't age well.”

Schreier is a reliable writer who’s well-placed to have inside information on in-development Ubisoft projects. We know that the French publisher is planning some kind of Ubisoft Forward livestream later in the year, so this seems like a likely candidate for that. Exactly what the title will entail, though, remains to be seen. Is it a remake of the original, or the aforementioned 2009 title? It sounds like all will be revealed soon.

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