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Update: It's now been almost six weeks since PlayStation last posted to its Facebook and Instagram pages, suggesting its boycott has officially been extended. It's unclear when it will next update its social media accounts. Curiously, Sony's primary accounts have been updating again, as have divisions like Sony Music and Sony Pictures.

Original Story: PlayStation is an absolute juggernaut on social media, commanding gigantic followings on services such as Instagram and Facebook. As such, it’s actually quite crazy that the company still hasn’t updated either of its pages, after adding its voice to the #StopHateForProfit campaign. Sony sided with companies such as Coca-Cola, Ford, and Starbucks at the beginning of July, as firms attempt to put pressure on Facebook to improve its hate speech policies.

But despite the Japanese giant claiming that it would return to the social networks at the start of August, both of its pages remain abandoned. This is actually quite surprising, as it reaches 26.7 million followers on Instagram and an eye-watering 38.9 million followers on Facebook. And that’s just the non-paid content – it’s difficult to imagine just how many users it reaches via sponsored posts and other paid promotional opportunities.

We’ll reach out to Sony and try to learn if it’s extended its boycott. If so, it’ll be interesting to see when it returns, because while it clearly wants to hit Facebook where it hurts – well, it does have a next-gen console to advertise as well…

[source News: PlayStation Temporarily Pulls the Plug on Facebook, Instagram Advertising]