Watch Dogs Legion PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Watch Dogs: Legion’s big selling point is that you can play as anyone you please. This means that you can build a squad spanning spies, construction workers, and old ladies. But what if one of your heroes bites the dirt? Are they lost forever? What if you’ve developed a personal attachment to them? Permadeath, according to creative director Clint Hocking, is completely optional.

“Difficulty and permadeath are separate options,” he explained as part of a Reddit AMA. “You can play in Easy, Normal, or Hard, and you can play with Permadeath on or off in any difficulty. You can choose to use one character throughout the game, and as long as they are not arrested or hospitalised or killed, you can stick with the same character throughout – except for a couple of instances where you might need someone specific.”

Hocking added that permadeath will be disabled in multiplayer, as it’s susceptible to exploitation by griefers. However, he stopped short of explaining what the game’s online mode will look like, explaining that further details will be shared in the near future. We’re looking forward to finding out how multiplayer will work, because the Watch Dogs franchise has always been relatively innovative in that area.

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