Deathly gloomy Dark Souls-inspired action role-playing game Mortal Shell will start using its stamina from 18th August, and there’s a disgustingly macabre trailer to celebrate the fact above. Developed by Cold Symmetry, we’re going to describe this as an homage rather than a copycat because, well, we’re trying to be polite. It’s dripping with the kind of dismal medieval atmosphere that FromSoftware stans should appreciate, to be fair.

One big twist that the title is introducing is the ability to awaken and occupy fallen enemies upon will, meaning that you can effectively cycle through classes on the fly. This adds an extra wrinkle to the gameplay, as some archetypes may be better suited to certain situations. There’ll be about 15-20 hours of gameplay in the single player campaign, and it’ll only cost £24.99 when it launches, so it may be well worth a look if you’ve been twiddling your thumbs waiting for Elden Ring information.